Introduction to WordPress and Initial Setup of this Blog

I have decided that another way to publicize my computer training business, pcLearning4U, was to create a blog. Having already set up the Courseware Development Blog in Blogger, and having a desire to learn WordPress (thanks Gangplank RVA!), I am building this blog in WordPress. I did the usual setup stuff, and added a tiny post. I also started with the Splendio theme template, which, within two days, I did not like, so I changed this to the Spectrum theme (accessible from the Appearance icon on the left-hand menu when editing).  There is some theme customization available, and you can change your theme whenever you want.

The next step was to build a “Gravatar”, a globally-recognized avatar. Since it needed to be square, I had to create a slightly-modified version of the pcLearning4U logo, which I just uploaded (see upper-right-hand corner of page).

To follow my progress in designing and updating this blog, please visit frequently!

Note that I am using the free version of WordPress (since I already have a domain name, website, and hosting service). and free themes (there are a lot of these). Note that a lot of the information in this blog will also be published in the pcLearning4U newsletter (and vice versa – I encourage you to both follow this blog and subscribe to the newsletter!).

I hope you enjoy this blog, and find it useful!