Ted and Judy’s Android Adventures: Chapter 7: Take One Tablet and Begin the Purple Reign

We finally purchased the tablet – we got a 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab4, running the Android operating system, just like my phone. In addition, we purchased a purple-magenta (Judy’s choice) Logitech wireless combination keyboard and case. I decided to stay with Android due to the fact that I really like the way Android works on the phone.

The first thing I did was to charge up both the tablet and the keyboard.

The next thing I did was download copies of the manuals for both the tablet and the keyboard. Per the tablet manual, I ran the setup wizard, which took me through a gajillion steps to initialize the tablet and register it with Samsung and Google (Android is a Google product). Then some Android updates were applied. It then asked me if I wanted to load some essential apps, and install the updated Samsung apps – I did both. Last but not least, it recognized (probably via my Google account) that my phone is also Android, and it was kind enough to install many of my phone apps on the tablet – as well as all of my wi-fi connection choices!

Now it was time to set up the keyboard – again, the manual was very helpful. I turned on Bluetooth (the wireless device-to-device mechanism) on the tablet, turned on the keyboard, and Bluetooth found the keyboard. I then chose the keyboard from the available device list and linked it to the tablet via an authorization number. Voila – it works!

One interesting fact – you cannot use the physical keyboard and the Android on-screen keyboard at the same time.  In other words, if you want to use the on-screen keyboard, you must either turn the physical keyboard off, or remove the tablet from the case.