Ted and Judy’s Android Adventures: Chapter 12: A Case of Battery

I’ve had my Android phone for about 15 months now. About two months ago, the battery began to have problems holding its charge.

That is when I remembered the terms of my plans that I got at Best Buy via Verizon Wireless & Geek Squad (which is part of Best Buy). I went with two-year contracts for both the Verizon cell service and the Best Buy insurance. The latter included one free battery replacement for the life of the plan.

Of course, like most insurance, I anticipated never using it. However, when the battery started going bad, I remembered that I had bought the Galaxy S4, which was an older model and may have been sitting in its box for a while, so I may have had an old battery to begin with.

Best Buy had a hard time finding my contract, but when they did, they agreed to send me the new battery. Due to Holiday shipping traffic, I finally got the battery. Now all I had to do was swap out the old battery. Easier said than done!

I had bought an Otter case for the phone, and it protected it – too well. After watching a couple of YouTube videos, I was able to extract the phone from its case – I’d forgotten how thin the phone was. After watching another YouTube video, I managed to pop the back off the phone, put in the new battery, put the phone back together, put the phone back into the Otter case, and charged up the phone.

All is working OK now!