Six-month Cancer Survivor!

This is my Facebook post on February 20, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to see this post, or are new to this blog, or need to be convinced to get that scan you’ve been putting off!


As you know, I had my CT scan last week, as a followup to the chemo I had as a result of my colon cancer diagnosis last August. I am happy to report that the scan was clear! Although I am a long way from being declared cured, this was excellent news.

I will still be under observation by the oncologists and GI doctors, and will need various tests and scans. This will be to confirm that there is no more cancer, and on the off-chance that some cancer appears, to spot it very early and hopefully get rid of it.

In the meantime, I am now a 6-month cancer survivor! To all of us who are fighting cancer, or are close to those who are, may we all be victorious!

Thank you all again for all of your encouragement, both from those I know in person and from those I know through social media – your thoughts and prayers have been a great inspiration to me.



Get Your Cancer Screenings!

A bit off the usual subjects – but this is very important! Per my announcement in the current Richmond Senior Network newsletter – please pass this on to everyone you know:


Wondering if you should get that mammogram or colonoscopy?
If you haven’t done so lately, check with your doctor, and if he
or she says get the test, do it! I’m now about halfway through
preventive chemo to try to keep the Stage 2 colon cancer from
returning, that they removed from the top of my colon in August.
I was lucky I had symptoms – cancer is often silent until it’s too
late. Due to the location of the tumor, a colonoscopy may or may
not have spotted it, but I probably shouldn’t have waited so long
since my previous test. Please also pass this on to family, friends,
clients, etc. Thank you – Ted Kopp, RSN Member.