Gangplank RVA at TechCommons, June 21, 2014

Interesting TechCommons event this past Saturday afternoon downtown at the Richmond Public Library!

From 1 PM to 3:30, things were slow. The CoderDojo portion for the kids was reasonably well attended, and some of the kids came into the auditorium to play some games. Also, we sampled the refreshments – candy & pretzels to eat, and bottled water to drink. One negative thing about the first portion of the day was the fact that some people’s wi-fi connection did not work (including mine). Fortunately, I was able to borrow a computer from Patty Parks (the Main Library Manager, who attended, along with David Folmar, who ran the event for the library). Gangplankers Michael Clautice and Jon Bean showed up, as did Carl Hamm of WRIR radio. Not a whole lot of non-GPRVA adults attended, although we did give out a few stickers and flyers.

I then taught my class on Social Media for Business, which evolved into more of a discussion after a while, which was OK by me because we exchanged a lot of ideas. Michael. Jon, and Carl all attended the class, and actively participated – Patty sat in for a bit, too. I showed the class some of my social media items, including the pcLearning4U Facebook page and WordPress blog. Everybody seemed pleased on how the class went, in fact, we ran from 3:30 until the library closed at 5 PM.

On the whole, this seemed to go as well as can be expected for a first attempt, and considering it was a sunny summer afternoon. I would definitely recommend that GPRVA attend this event regularly (keeping in mind that attendance will probably be slow for the July and August meetings, but should pick up in September when people get back to academic-related pursuits).

Per Patty: Ted – I am glad that we are working together on this program. I think the crowds will come! Thanks for your support. Hope to see you again with a better wi-fi connection.

Per David: Thanks Ted, Sorry the turnout was not what we would like, but I appreciate your showing up.

I hope to hear back from David soon as to when the next TechCommons will be scheduled. In the meantime, please send me your thoughts, suggestions, etc. or post them to the Gangplank RVA Facebook page or LinkedIn group discussion board.

Thanks – Ted