Sex, Drugs, and Silicon Valley, per CNN

Check out today – in the Tech section, they are running a series called Sex, Drugs, and Silicon Valley, which purports that having an usual intimate and/or pharmaceutical life helps the tech lords come up with their great ideas. Maybe it does in a few cases – and you know CNN will highlight them, because Mr. Boring Suburbia will never pull in the ratings to satisfy CNN’s sponsors. By the way, did you know CNN is a for-profit company? Wow – so is Subaru for that matter – amazing!

I’m not here to throw stones at these tech people who chose their lifestyles – if that’s what makes them happy, and they don’t push their lifestyles on others, let ’em be. I’d like to see some stats regarding atypical sex and drug use amongst the high-tech community (not just the bigwigs) vs. the population at large. You do need people on the edge (we wouldn’t have the entertainment or fashion industries without them). We don’t need everybody on the edge. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the people running CNN want to make the news, not just report on it. Their factual news coverage is sometimes very good, but their opinions are stuck in the 1960’s (oh yeah, the Sixties – wasn’t that the name of one of their recent series)!


Don’t be buried in your Coffice!!

As you know, a lot of work is being done in coffee shops and similar wifi-enabled locations – pcLearning4U does much of our business this way. Now, the fine folks in New Zealand (by way of a LinkedIn post in the Connected in Far West End group) have apparently come up with a new term for this practice:


Please click the above link for the complete article.

As I said, I love the concept, but the terminology? I see the logic: coffie + office = coffice – but – it sounds too much like “coffin” for my tastes. Unless you are a vampire, this word has no appeal.

Better terminology, anyone?

The Courseware Development Blog

The Courseware Development Blog, my other blog, is dedicated to the subject of creation of eLearning materials. Per the blog mission statement:

Attention all web developers, instructional designers, content developers, graphics developers, technical writers, editors, programmers, managers, and others interested in this subject: if you create or use web-based training or similar courseware, and want to discuss its development, this is your blog!

Please vist, and if interested, follow, this blog – thank you!

Heading for college or the military? pcLearning4U is now doing math tutoring!

Know someone who wants to go to college or join the military? pcLearning4U has added mathematics tutoring to our existing computer training business. I’m sure some of you have heard, heard about the word – word problems, that is. Standardized tests such as the SAT and the military ASVAB entrance exam are full of these beauties. This type of question requires both mathematics skill, and the ability to discern what the problem says (and doesn’t say) in English.

I have found from my research, and from actual clients, that word problems are a major sticking point with some standardized test-takers. pcLearning4U will give the student individualized help with solving these problems. We can work with the student’s review book, or we can use my review books, during our sessions. We also help students improve their generic math skills in subjects such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

In the coming months, I hope to expand this business significantly. All suggestions, leads, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your support! 

New Year’s Updates

Happy New Year to all who are reading this blog!

A reminder – if you are including a copyright notice in your materials, it is a good idea to update the year. I just modified the pcLearning4U website to reflect the fact that it is now 2014.

A suggestion: add a reminder to your calendar to do this update annually. My Gmail calendar will chirp again next year to update this notice to 2015.

May you all have a great year!


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