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Ted and Judy’s Android Adventures: Chapter 10: Done with High School – Off to Collage!

If you use the Internet a lot, you’ve probably seen a lot of pictures that include other pictures – these are collages. Yup, there’s an app for that – in fact, there are several apps – after testing out a few, I chose Photo Grid (as usual, unless I specify otherwise in these posts, I am featuring free apps, so I put up with the ads). Note that this creates square pictures (see the previous Blog entry, Chapter 9, for why this is advantageous):

The initial Photo Grid screen looks like this:

Photo Grid Initial Screen

I chose the Grid option because I will be creating a collage with more than one picture. The picture selection screen appears – I chose four pictures (only three show on this screen shot, but you can scroll the list and the fourth selection is hidden):


I then clicked Next, which created the initial collage, which showed all four pictures in a 2×2 square array. I clicked Layout to choose a layout – they give you about twenty of them – I chose a slanted box layout. By selecting each picture within the collage, I moved and zoomed-in/out the individual pictures, and got the following:


I clicked Background to choose a background color or design – I chose grass-green. I chose Border to choose a scalloped border. Finally, I clicked Save to create the final collage for posting to social media:


Now, you can get straight A’s in collage!


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