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Ted and Judy’s Android Adventures: Chapter 9: Square Crops

I’m not talking about oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables here.

I am talking about preparing photos and other pictures for use in many of today’s apps.

I’m not sure where the idea that pictures posted on the Internet needed to be perfect squares – but – as Twitter and Facebook became more popular, so did the square pictures  (Twitter in general, Facebook for the visible part of your profile). Then came phone and tablet apps such as Instagram (which only produces square pictures), and square was cool!

What to do? Digital cameras, in-phones and stand-alone, generally take rectangular photos. One solution is to paste your picture onto a larger square background (there are apps to do this, which I may address in a later chapter). Otherwise, you can get rid of some of the picture by cropping, which is the process via an app of selecting a shape, positioning the shape on top of the picture, then getting rid of everything that does not appear within the shape. For our purposes, we will use a square.

Now it’s time to crop. There are many ways to crop a picture. Every photo-handling app on the PC can do this. Instagram forces you to crop as the first step of preparing a photo for posting. You can also edit and crop from the Gallery and other apps on an Android device.

Let’s get started – here is a screenshot of the original photo I am using as an example, and a shot as I prepare to enter Instagram:

I then went into Instagram – the Crop function occurs first – you can position the cropping square as desired. I didn’t like the size of the crop, so I zoomed in a bit – the shots below show an original crop area and the zoomed crop area:

Screenshot_2015-07-05-15-57-45 Screenshot_2015-07-05-15-58-29

I skipped the other Instagram functions and posted the following:

Screenshot_2015-07-05-15-58-42 Screenshot_2015-07-05-23-38-48

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my crops – I had a lot of fun doing this!


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