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Writing is a very important part of what I do

A friend suggested that I get involved with a writers group. My first thought was that she was goofy – I do not write for a living, so this would be useless to me. Nobody pays me to write books, articles, newspaper columns, etc. Not in print or online. Then like the sun that came out from behind the clouds after this morning’s snowstorm here in Richmond, the light shone on me – of course I write as part of my professional life! Some examples:

  • The pcLearning4U Newsletter
  • This blog
  • The curricula for the computer classes I teach for Henrico County Adult Education
  • The course outlines I hand out to my students in the above classes
  • My activity on social media

As a result, I joined the Books and Writers group on LinkedIn, and Promocave, a related website (hashtag included because #Promocave is very Twitter-oriented). I’ve found the people I’ve met through these sites to be very interesting, and have received some good advice, even some useful constructive criticism! With over 84,000 members, the LinkedIn group has plenty of people with common interests of mine, and via Promocave, I’ve gained a variety of Twitter followers.

Therefore, if you write as part of your job or business, to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, you just may be a writer!


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