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Ted and Judy’s Android Adventures: Chapter 1: The Beginning

About a couple of months ago, I finally broke down and entered the smartphone era. After an exhaustive search, and getting a good deal on Verizon service at Best Buy, I purchased the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S4. This is a very nice phone, with great touch-response and a very attractive display.

Being used to Windows-based PCs, I found this gizmo a but confusing at first, but since a lot of PC apps (formerly known as programs) had gone to look-and-feels similar to phone and tablet apps, the learning curve to get started was not that bad.

One thing I am slowly getting used to is the tiny on-screen keyboard. When you need to type something, you tap the location on the screen and the keyboard pops up. Depending on the app, it sometimes pays to sacrifice screen area to have bigger “keys” by turning the phone sideways. Switching between alphanumeric and symbols is a bit of a pain, too – but – one thing I do like is the think-ahead feature – when you start typing, the device attempts to think for you. For instance, if the last word you typed was “going”, the word “to” may be presented to you as a choice – then you just tap it and the system supplies the separating space, too.

My wife Judy and I are also looking to get a tablet – and unless something odd comes up, that will be an Android, too.


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